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    • I agree completely, I would love to see skilling being focused on as well so we can have 200m xp capes maybe etc
    • Thank you for suggestions.   Skilling shop is not working right now due Ethan went to sleep when working on the shop so we never have time to add it.
      Slayer will be getting added soon, We have plans to add Wilderness slayer with some unique rewards.
      I do agree with xp rating needing to be higher.   I will let bladex know about the other bugs/issues so he can fix in next update for you.    
    • Hello When trying to smith copper and tin ore together, you get the following message: You need steel bar to create a cannonball.  Ores are not mineable sometimes.  Please higher xp rates, I think x10 or x20 would be decent, since SS is a pking server, but some people might do the effort to get the max cape. Maybe if we really higher the skill rates, we could add 120 capes.   There are 2 regular trees @ the skilling area, no oak tree to be found. Yew logs are also the highest tier log. Magic? Mahogany?  When thieving, the server asks like to answer a question every 4-5 thiefs, I know we don't want bots, but I think this is a little bit to much. How do we train slayer, we don't have any idea how we should do this? I can make a guide if I know how to do it.  Skilling shop @ home is not working.  ...   Kind regards Kownie
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